AP just doesn’t understand the Internet.

If the Associated Press wasn’t so important, I would laugh hysterically at the utter foolishness it’s been displaying. Unfortunately, we need the AP, despite the arguments to the contrary, which makes the organization’s complete lack of understanding the Internet quite terrifying.

AP claims the Internet is stealing the news. Of course Google is the big, bad bully in the equation, but even bloggers, AP says, are stealing journalists’ work, by posting headlines and links to the original stories. To counteract the thievery, AP says it will roll out DRM on the news, with some bizarre news registry idea that will use tracking beacons and other Big Brother technology to tell AP exactly how its news is being used.

Look, I understand the fear of the Internet. I come from a newspaper company that was terrified of spreading news online. But by the time I left, the online division I headed up was generating revenue, drawing readers, and building value. I never worried about whether Google was stealing my headlines. In fact, I wanted Google to index my headlines.

What AP doesn’t seem to understand is that Google drives traffic; it doesn’t steal traffic. Google has no content of its own; it merely directs users to the content you’ve got. AP should beg, borrow and steal to ensure its stories are linked up properly to drive readership. Instead, we get this.

The AP’s job is to bring together and disseminate the best, most important journalism. To do that, it must take advantage of all possible mediums. I argue that AP’s mission (and the mission of every journalist) should be to serve the public’s best interest — not its own. Any time you try to keep the news from the public, you are abdicating your responsibility to those you’re supposed to serve.

Not long ago, the AP contacted a member organization, demanding the paper remove an embedded AP video from its website. The paper, of course, was dumbfounded: The video came from the AP’s own YouTube account, and an embed code was provided.

I think that vignette shows everything you need to know about AP’s understanding of the Internet. You can’t report news and horde it. You can’t get attention and credit if we can’t link to it. And you can’t get paid if nobody cares anymore.


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